Chantons, dansons!

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Songs, Games and Dances for Learners of French by Marian Rose.

It is with pleasure and pride that Marion Rose presents to you this collection of songs, games, fingerplays, and dances that have been invaluable to her in her efforts to become fluent in French. Many of them are very old and are well-known by Francophones worldwide. Others are mnemonic devices for remembering grammar points or practicing pronunciation, and still, others are adaptations or translations of games that exist in English. All of them feature the use of the French language in a fun and repetitive way that will help learners of all ages internalize the sounds and rhythms of spoken French.

The songs on the CD were sung by Quebecois musicians, therefore the accent that you hear reflects spoken French as it exists in Quebec.

Resource Index

  • Jeu de passage
  • Pronoms personnels
  • Prépositions
  • Buvons un coup
  • Concentration
  • La fête á Margot
  • Pomme de reinette
  • Camille la chenille
  • Napoléon
  • Je ferme la porte
  • Il court, le furet
  • Promenons-nous
  • Trois poules
  • Tout lá-haut
  • Dans les monts Valin
  • Points linguistiques
  • La planéte
  • Dos á dos
  • Jean Petit qui danse
  • Faisons la ronde
  • La danse du Limousin
  • J'aime la galette
  • Ah! si mon moine
  • Mon papa
  • Le cotillon
  • Partons la mer est belle