Character Traits

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Character Traits is a musical revue that teaches about character traits through use of magical hats. Jennifer Lynn finds herself in the mysterious maze of “Life Situations”. By her side is a hat maker who has a box of magic hats. Each hat represents a positive human character trait that, when worn, empowers the wearer to demonstrate that particular trait. At the end of the maze, she realizes she doesn’t really need to wear all six hats to be a better person because it is the character traits in her heart that matter most. 

Resource Index

  • Responsibility Song
  • Courage Song
  • Integrity Song
  • Kindness Song
  • Self-Discipline Song
  • Perseverance Song
  • It's Not About the Hats



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Audio: It's Not About the Hats
Audio: Kindness
Audio: Perseverance
Audio: Responsibility
Audio: Self-Discipline
Book: Character Traits