Composing With Boomwhackers

Themes and Variations

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Boomwhackers® are colorful plastic tubes that can be used to play melodies, rhythms or chords. In this book, there are 9 songs to sing with Boomwhacker accompaniment or improvisation, 2, 3 and 4 part rhythm ensembles, and melodies to play on Boomwhackers. In addition to this wealth of performance material, there are visuals and reproducibles to copy to help your students learn to compose rhythms, melodies and songs using Boomwhackers, recorders or Orff instruments.

The audio provided includes a vocal performance to learn the songs and accompaniments only for songs and for melodies. The teacher guide includes music for all the songs, and many reproducibles to use as handouts or projectables.

Materials Included

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- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
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- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3

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Activities and Photocopy Masters:

- What are Boomwhackers®
- Activity #1: Follow the Leader
- Activity #2: Improvisation
- Ostinato Patterns to Accompany Improvisation
- Activity #3: Improvisation Within a Song
- Here’s a Song That’s Really Neat
- Activity #4: Create a Rhythm Composition
- Note Squares
- Activity #5: Write Rhythms on a Beat Chart
- Nine Ways to Play Rhythm Compositions
- Beat Charts
- Rhythm Compositions
- Activity #6: ABA Form - Sing and Play a B Section
- Activity #7: AABA Form - Sing and Play a B Section
- Activity #8: Sing and Play a Rondo
- Activity #9: Rhythm Composition with an Ostinato
- Activity #10: Two Part Rhythm Composition
- Activity #11: Three and Four Part Rhythm Compositions
- Activity #12: Orchestrate a Poem
- Chants and Poems to Orchestrate
- Activity #13: Play a Three Note Melody
- Activity #14: Create a Three Note Melody
- Melody Template in 4/4
- Melody Template in 3/4
- Melody Template in 2/4
- Activity #15: Play and Create do-mi-so Melodies
- Activity #16: Play and Create Pentatonic Melodies
- Activity #17: Play and Create Diatonic Melodies
- Activity #18: Create a Melody for a Poem
- Activity #19: Write Variations on a Theme
- Activity #20: Write a Song
- Manuscript Paper

Songs, Ensembles, and Orchestrated Poems:

- Follow the Leader
- One One Time for Fun!
- Here’s a Song That’s Really Neat
- Two Part Ensembles
- Three Part Ensembles
- Four Part Ensembles
- You Play it This Way
- Did You Ever Hear a Rhythm?
- Pirolito se bate se bate
- Whacky Kind of Sound
- I Like to Play the Instruments
- Tingalayo
- Whacky Kind of Music
- I am a Fine Musician
- Cheki Morena
- Two Little Sausages
- Hot Cross Buns in C/F
- Go Tell Aunt Rhody in C/F
- Fais dodo in C/F
- Mary Had a Little Lamb in C/F
- Closet Key in C/F
- Pease Porridge Hot
- Johnny One Hammer in C/F
- Let us Chase the Squirrel in C/F
- Make a Friend
- Rocky Mountain
- Shortnin’ Bread
- Tulip Round
- Scale Round
- Variations on Hot Cross Buns


Audio: Here's a Song That's Really Neat
Audio: Let Us Chase the Squirrel
Audio: Tingalayo
Audio: Make a Friend
Audio: Listen to Pirolito
Book: Composing With Boomwhackers