Composing with Boomwhackers

Themes & Variations

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Boomwhackers® are colorful plastic tubes that can be used to play melodies, rhythms, or chords. In this book, there are 9 songs to sing with Boomwhackers® accompaniment or improvisation, 2, 3, and 4-part rhythm ensembles, and melodies to play on Boomwhackers®. In addition to this wealth of performance material, there are visuals and reproducibles to copy to help your students learn to compose rhythms, melodies, and songs using Boomwhackers®, recorders, or Orff instruments.

The audio provided includes a vocal performance to learn the songs and accompaniments only for songs and melodies. Includes music for all the songs, and many reproducibles to use as handouts or projectables.

Resource Index

  • What are Boomwhackers®
  • Activity #1: Follow the Leader
  • Activity #2: Improvisation
  • Ostinato Patterns to Accompany Improvisation
  • Activity #3: Improvisation Within a Song
  • Here’s a Song That’s Really Neat
  • Activity #4: Create a Rhythm Composition
  • Note Squares
  • Activity #5: Write Rhythms on a Beat Chart
  • Nine Ways to Play Rhythm Compositions
  • Beat Charts
  • Rhythm Compositions
  • Activity #6: ABA Form - Sing and Play a B Section
  • Activity #7: AABA Form - Sing and Play a B Section
  • Activity #8: Sing and Play a Rondo
  • Activity #9: Rhythm Composition with an Ostinato
  • Activity #10: Two Part Rhythm Composition
  • Activity #11: Three and Four Part Rhythm Compositions
  • Activity #12: Orchestrate a Poem
  • Chants and Poems to Orchestrate
  • Activity #13: Play a Three Note Melody
  • Activity #14: Create a Three Note Melody
  • Melody Template in 4/4
  • Melody Template in 3/4
  • Melody Template in 2/4
  • Activity #15: Play and Create do-mi-so Melodies
  • Activity #16: Play and Create Pentatonic Melodies
  • Activity #17: Play and Create Diatonic Melodies
  • Activity #18: Create a Melody for a Poem
  • Activity #19: Write Variations on a Theme
  • Activity #20: Write a Song
  • Manuscript Paper

Songs, Ensembles, and Orchestrated Poems

  • Follow the Leader
  • One One Time for Fun!
  • Here’s a Song That’s Really Neat
  • Two Part Ensembles
  • Three Part Ensembles
  • Four Part Ensembles
  • You Play it This Way
  • Did You Ever Hear a Rhythm?
  • Pirolito se bate se bate
  • Whacky Kind of Sound
  • I Like to Play the Instruments
  • Tingalayo
  • Whacky Kind of Music
  • I am a Fine Musician
  • Cheki Morena
  • Two Little Sausages
  • Hot Cross Buns in C/F
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody in C/F
  • Fais dodo in C/F
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb in C/F
  • Closet Key in C/F
  • Pease Porridge Hot
  • Johnny One Hammer in C/F
  • Let us Chase the Squirrel in C/F
  • Make a Friend
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Shortnin’ Bread
  • Tulip Round
  • Scale Round
  • Variations on Hot Cross Buns


Materials Included

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- Audio MP3
- PowerPoints
Download Edition - $18
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- PowerPoints

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Book: Composing with Boomwhackers
Audio: Here's a Song That's Really Neat - Vocal
Audio: Here's a Song That's Really Neat - Accompaniment
PowerPoint: Activity 3