Exploring Handbells Book 2

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Exploring Handbells Book 2 By Betty B. Radford is a follow-up to Exploring Handbells Book 1.  The music in this publication will use the technical requirements from Book 1.  Book 1 provides music for ringing, damping, vibrato, let vibrate (LV), shake (Sk), staccato, martellato, and tower swing.  Exploring Handbells Book 2 proceeds to the next level of techniques that ringers will encounter in handbell music.

The music in this collection is written for two and three octave ringing ensembles ranging from level 1 - 2.  This collection features all original compositions other than the Huron Carol, which is an arrangement.  These pieces were created as companion pieces, e.g. Siamese Cats and Calico Cats,  based on the same music but written in different keys to enable the best result for an individual two octave and three octave ensemble.  Since there are no tempo markings, the director may choose a tempo that best works for his/her ensemble.  The music is this collection may be played on either handbells or handchimes, though not all techniques are applicable for handchimes.  Many of the pieces will feature several techniques from Exploring Handbells Book 1 as well as those featured in this collection.

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  • Ring, Damp, Shake, Voice Leading
  • Echo
  • Ring Touch, Hand Damp
  • Adding a Third Handbell
  • Table Land Damp
  • Martello Lift
  • Mallet Roll on Table
  • Suspended Mallet, Gyro
  • Singing Bell
  • Weaving


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Book: Exploring Handbells Book 2