Hey You, Make That Sound!

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Hey You, Make That Sound! by Bethany Ellen, issues an open invitation to teachers, parents, therapists, and community groups – in fact anybody who wants to incorporate authentic music-making into their world and their relationships – to travel with her through a wonderful selection of material and activities. As your skillful guide, she will equip you with the concepts, strategies, and confidence needed to ensure successful and creative music-making, whatever your level of previous musical and/or educational experience may be.

So, activate that voice, take that step, and play with whatever the world around you has to offer. Make that sound. It all moves forward from there.

You can also find a Stomp Style unit on MusicplayOnline that includes all of the materials in this product.

Resource Index

  • Stamp, Clap, Clap
  • Body Break
  • Something Great
  • The Chase
  • Rain Play
  • Take That
  • The Road Rules
  • This Lesson Stinks


Materials Included

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- Printed Book
- Digital Resource Videos for Each Activity

In the download edition - $25.00
- Digital Book PDF
- Digital Resource Videos for Each Activity

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Hey You, Make That Sound!