It's A Magical Time of the Year

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A nasty magician, The Grunch, has made Santa Claus disappear.  The classes in your school try their best magic tricks to make Santa reappear.  They even appeal to the famous magicians Sigmund and Freud for help, but all that appears is a stuffed tiger and Santa’s boxer shorts!  Every class has a magic trick and a song in a style varying from country and western line dance music to Elvis style rock and roll. Complete directions for the magic tricks are included.

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Songs Include: (click on the titles to view the kids demo)

1. It’s A Magical Time of the Year
2. Tell Us A Story
3. Don’t Take Santa Claus
4. Santa is Magic
5. Santa Claus Rap
6. It’s Time to Get Together
7. Merry Merry Christmas
8. Santa’s Coming Back
9. It’s A Magical Time of the Year


Audio: It's A Magical Time Of The Year
Audio: Santa Is Magic
Audio: Santa Claus Rap
Audio: Don't Take Santa Claus
Book: It's A Magical Time Of The Year