Jolly Crawly Bugs

Themes & Variations


It’s the cold and flu season and the Jolly Crawly Bugs are jiving! The school kids have called a handwashing alert because they are getting sick! Join the students as they try to save the day!

After the H1N1 Flu pandemic panic, the author wanted to work with students to create a fun hand washing skit because hand washing is the key practice to prevent the spread of cold and flu germs. It is a part of the health curriculum especially in the elementary grades and could also reinforce a science unit or creative visual arts project.

The 10-minute mini-play can be staged very easily with students on risers or the stage - one class or several – and the speaking/acting happening in front of the singers. Teachers can have their students create actions or simply sing the songs.

Materials Included

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- Audio MP3s (vocal tracks and accompaniments)

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Songs Include:

  1. Jolly Crawly Bug Jive
  2. I've Got a Cold
  3. Handwashing Rap
  4. Cough Pocket
  5. The Best Gift Ever
  6. Healthy New Year


Book: Jolly Crawly Bugs Sample
Audio: Jolly Crawly Bug Jive
Audio: I've Got a Cold
Audio: Handwashing Rap