Know Your Note Names

Themes & Variations


This resource includes 50 reproducible pages of student-tested activities to learn note names in the treble and bass clef. The activities are create a word, matching, silly stories, crosswords, games and flashcards.

Resource Index

  •  Treble Clef
    • Worksheets
    • Stories
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Leger Lines
  • Bass Clef
    • Worksheets
    • Stories
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Ledger Lines
  • Treble and Bass Clef Review
  • Note Name Flashcards
  • Answer Keys

Materials Included

Print Book + Download Edition - $25
- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF
- Projectable files
Download Edition - $20
- Digital Book PDF
- Projectable files

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Book: Know Your Note Names
Powerpoint: Note Names
Powerpoint as PDF: Note Names
Bonus Worksheets: Know Your Note Names