Liszt's Rhapsody

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Liszt's Rhapsody

All the money and fame in the world couldn’t compare to the joy of creating something all his own.

Rich and successful, a dashing young musical superstar so adored that women faint when they meet him in the street, Franz Liszt is restless. He knows that something is missing in his glamorous life as the world’s greatest concert pianist. He meets Josy, a naturally gifted young Gypsy street musician, and subsequently wagers that he can turn Josy into a world-class musician. The bet turns into a mighty struggle of wills - the worldly sophisticate against the resourceful Gypsy boy and a conflict of freedom vs. discipline, heart vs. brain, passion vs. technique. Set in 1846, Liszt’s Rhapsody celebrates the miracle of talent and the triumph of dreams fulfilled.

The movie is approximately 49 minutes in duration and is in English, Spanish and French languages.

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6


  1. Opening
  2. Josy Plays and Liszt Meets Him
  3. Fortune Telling
  4. Roma Camp
  5. Josy’s Family Lets Him Go with Liszt
  6. Josy Moves In
  7. Josy’s Lessons
  8. Josy Wants to Learn
  9. Liszt Gives a Concert
  10. Josy Plays for Guests
  11. Josy Accused of Theft
  12. Liszt Apologies to Josy
  13. Josy Plays in the Contest
  14. Josy Confronts Liszt
  15. Josy and Liszt Play Private Concert
  16. Credits