Lunar New Year Musical Activities Unit

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The Lunar New Year Musical Activities include lessons for K-5 music classes that teach them about the holiday, a traditional song (with vocal recording), a rondo lesson, a lesson on the Chinese zodiac animals (rhythm words and sound effects), a lesson on the dragon dance. The Rondo lesson or the Animals of the Zodiac lesson could take 1-2 music classes.

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Resource Index

  1.  Fun Facts
    1. Lunar New Year Fun Facts Worksheet
    2. Lunar New Year Fun Facts PowerPoint
  2. Gong Xi
    1. Gong Xi Lyrics Video
    2. Gong Xi Notation Video
    3. Gong Xi Lyrics Page
    4. Gong Xi Vocal Track
    5. Gong Xi PowerPoint
    6. Gong Xi Accompaniment Track
    7. Gong Xi Lesson Guide
  3. Lunar New Year Rondo
    1. Compose Sort Worksheets
    2. Lunar New Year Lyrics Video
    3. Lunar New Year Notation Video
    4. Lunar New Year Rondo Boomwhacker Projectable
    5. Lunar New Year Rondo Lesson Guide
    6. Lunar New Year Rondo Lyrics Page
    7. Lunar New Year Rondo Orff Printable
    8. Word Rhythm Cards
    9. Lunar New Year Rondo PowerPoint
    10. Lunar New Year Rondo Vocal Track
    11. Lunar New Years Accompaniment Track
  4. Animals of the Zodiac
    1. Animals of the Zodiac Lesson Guide
    2. Animals of the Zodiac Lyrics Video
    3. Animals of the Zodiac Notation Video
    4. Animals of the Zodiac Uke/Guitar Printable
    5. Animals of the Zodiac Worksheet Package
    6. Word Rhythm Cards
    7. Animals of the Zodiac Accompaniment Track
    8. Animals of the Zodiac Rondo PowerPoint
    9. Animals of the Zodiac Vocal Track
    10. The Chinese Zodiac PowerPoints
  5. Dragon Dance
    1. Dragon Dance and Lion Dance Coloring Pages
    2. Dragon Dance and Lion Dance PowerPoint
    3. Dragon Dance Lesson Guide
    4. Dragon Dance Rhythm Chain Flashcards
    5. Dragon Dance Kids Demo Video




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