Music Minutes

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Music Minutes, Draw the Note, and Spell the Word worksheets and assessments help your students to become fluent note readers. Notes are given in the treble clef, bass clef, ledger lines, and grand staff. 55 reproducible worksheets and assessments are written for general music and band classes.

    Music Minutes are timed drills. The teacher must set a stopwatch or watch the second hand on a clock or watch. The teacher says “Go” and students begin to work. The students raise their hands and call “done” when they are finished, and the teacher tells them how many seconds or minutes it took them. Music Minutes can be self-corrected. Have the class read each line of notes out loud and circle their own errors. The teacher can keep track of times and scores to evaluate student progress.

    Resource Index

    • Notes on Lines and in Spaces
    • E to F’
    • C to G’
    • Ledger Lines
    • Bass Clef
    • Grand Staff
    • Spell the Word for Treble or Bass Clef
    • Holiday Themed Music Minutes


    Intended Grades: Grade 3-7

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    Book: Music Minutes