Musicplay Middle School Teacher's Guide & Digital Resources

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Musicplay Middle School Teacher's Guide

Musicplay is an award-winning music curriculum for elementary schools. Musicplay is a sequential curriculum with lessons that follow the calendar year. The weekly lesson outlines the new concepts that will be taught, those that will be reviewed, and includes seasonal and holiday repertoire. The planning is done for the teacher!

Lesson Planning

Year Plans are included for each grade.

Monthly Lesson Outlines give you the month at a glance.

40 weekly detailed lessons offer you a menu of musical activities. There is more than enough material in the lesson plan for two thirty-minute music classes. The lesson plans are like a menu. There are many song choices and for each song, there are activities to choose from. You choose the songs and the activities that teach the curriculum concepts required by your state or province. (Musicplay is aligned to all state and provincial curriculums!) You choose the songs and activities that hold the most appeal for you and your students.

Feel free to substitute freely - Musicplay provides the framework - you get to make the choices.


Recordings are included in the teacher's guides!  (Download Audio MP3's)

Musicplay for Middle School CDs has more than 100 musical selections! Teen and adult voices are used, and there are licensed recordings as well. Accompaniments include Orff arrangements, piano accompaniments, and orchestrated accompaniments. Performance songs have both performance tracks and accompaniment tracks - you can use the accompaniments only for your performances. Multicultural songs feature authentic performances - the songs are in original languages and are sung by native singers. Many of the multicultural songs are game songs that appeal to children even though the language and sound may be unfamiliar. Many rounds are included so your students can begin singing in parts. Musicplay for Middle School includes a wealth of choral selections and folk songs in unison as well two and three parts. 


Assessment Suggestions are given throughout the teacher's guides.

Checklists of important skills are included if your district requires the use of them. Reproducibles are included in Musicplay for Middle School. The Musicplay for Middle School teacher's guide includes SATB recorder ensembles. Musicplay for Middle School reproducibles include 47 worksheets for music writing practice and assessment.

Musicplay supports and enhances science, social studies, and language arts curriculums. In middle school, songs to teach vowels and consonants are included. The Musicplay for Middle School student books or Digital Resources are a wonderful literacy tool providing many opportunities for shared reading. Students will develop reading skills while they learn music. Poetry is included in Musicplay for Middle School. 

Musicplay for Middle School includes projects for middle school students. A pop song project accompanies the Avril Lavigne song, "SK8ER BOI." A composition project moves students from creating rhythm compositions to writing their own 12 bar blues and raps.

Materials Included:

- Musicplay Middle School Printed Binder / Audio MP3s
- Musicplay Middle School Digital Resources
- History of Jazz

Song List

1. Barges
2. Why Shouldn’t My Car
3. Rufus Rufus
5. Mango Walk  
6. Now We’ll Make the Rafters Ring
7. Love my Baseball
12. Song For the Mira
16. Fish and Chips
18. Joy
19. Dollar
21. Above a Plain
22. Scarborough Fair
23. Greensleeves
24. Oh My Darling
25. Dona Nobis Pacem
26. La Bamba
30. Hanky Panky
31. Suo Gan
32. Hagdalena
35. Wild Mountain Thyme
36. Mary Mac
37. Round and Round
38. Angels
39. Who Did?
41. Hineh Ma Tov
42. Il est ne, le divin Enfant
43. Snowflakes
44. Christmas at the Hop
45. Christmas Line Dance
47. Here’s a Song That’s Really Neat
48. It’s a Whacky Kind of Sound
49. Paper Scissors Rock
50. Missus Murphey’s Chowder
51. De Colores
52. Hockey Song
54. She’s Like the Swallow
55. A Great Big Sea
56. Oh My Love
57. Love Sombebody
58. Hi Ho the Rattlin’ Bog
59. Tell My Ma
60. A Wuni Kuni
61. Hymn To Freedom
62. Wai Bamba
63. Wade in the Water
64. John B. Sails
65. Arupusu
67. Fillimiooriooriay
68. Black Socks
71. Gypsy Rover
73. Found a Peanut
74. Entendez-vous
75. Tumbalalaika
76. A Ram Sam Sam
78. She Waded in the Water
79. Corner Grocery Store
92. Gerakina
96. Shanty Boys
97. Jubilate Deo
99. Laugh Ha Ha
100. Sippin’ Milkshakes
101. Take Time in Life
102. Sihayamba
108. Squid Jiggin’ Ground
109. Nova Scotia Song
110. De Ump
112. Mi Gallo
113. Take Time
114. My Landlord
115. She Sailed Away
116. Cockles and Mussels
117. Un elephant
119. Blood on the Saddle
120. Home on the Range
122. O Canada
123. Star Spangled Banner

Digital Resources 

For teachers with a computer/projector.

What’s included: 

Every musical selection that is in Musicplay 4 is given: 
1. PowerPoint with audio (PowerPoints include music notation, lyrics, and concepts.)
2. Videos of the music (notation) - just click and the song plays, switching the slides for you. 

Included on one disk you'll find:

  • Music notation illustrated song lyrics, and one slide lyrics
  • Color-coded Boomwhacker® melodies for many songs
  • Slides to teach students many musical concepts (all national standards!)
  • Kids demo movies of many of the singing games
  • Orff arrangements, searchable Excel index, and links to excellent websites


Audio: Barges
Audio: Bach Cello Suite
Audio: Bat Boy
Audio: Mango Walk - Orff Arrangement
Book: Musicplay for Middle School
Projectable: Barges