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Recorder Resource Kit 1 is a beginning recorder method that has been used to help thousands of children learn to play the recorder.  It contains everything that the teacher needs for teaching a first-year recorder program: a teacher’s guide, games, practice bugs, note name mad minutes, assessment rubrics, piano/guitar chord symbols, tone bar accompaniments, composition worksheets and quizzes, recorder care, and recorder note name flashcards. The kit also includes 42 student pages in standard notation AND 42 pages in kids note notation for you to copy for your students.

Children will learn how to care for the recorder as they study basic music theory concepts and practice with the fingering chart included in the kit. There are 38 songs in the book, including some duets and rounds that are carefully sequenced so that children will have success from the very first lesson. Children love to play along with the accompaniment tracks that are included, and practicing at home tends to have more success in their practice time. Throughout the lessons, they also learn about famous composers and get the opportunity to play themes by them.

The Recorder Resource Kit 1 includes:

  1. All Songs and Composer Biographies that are in the Recorder Resource Kit 1
  2. Mad Minutes and Answer Keys from the Recorder Resource Kit 1
  3. Recorder Theory Quiz
  4. All About the Recorder & How to Care for the Recorder
  5. How Notes Are Named
  6. Counting Music
  7. All Songs in Kids Notes notation
  8. Soprano Fingerings Chart
  9. Digital Resources (PowerPoints, and Videos of all components of the Recorder Kit 1)
  10. Note Name Flash Cards
  11. Duet Parts for Each Song

Did you know MusicplayOnline also has recorder resources? Songs from both the Recorder Resource Kit 1 and 2 are available, along with some great additional features.

Materials Included

Print Book + Download Edition - $40
- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- PowerPoint
- Concept Videos
- Note Highlight Videos
Download Edition- $35
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- PowerPoint
- Concept Videos
- Note Highlight Videos

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Songs Include:

1.  Just A 20.  Ho Ho Watanay
2. Just B 21. My Paddle 
3. A and B Blues 22.  Rondo
4. JustG 23.  C' you in Dixie
5. G and A Blues 24.  Hush Little Baby
6.  Suogan 25.  Sanctus
7. Au claire de la lune 26.  Bouffons
8. Hot Cross Buns 27.  C and D
9. Starlight 28.  Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
10. Lucy Locket 29.  Ode to Joy
11. Kagome 30.  Renaissance Round
12.  BAGE Blues 31.  Closet Key
13. Little Tommy Tiddlemouse 32.  From the New World
14.  Trampin' 33.  Morning
15. Doggie Doggie 34.  Good King Wenceslas
16.  Salish Hand Game 35.  Jingle Bells
17. Skin & Bones 36.  Jolly Old St. Nicholas
18. Frog In the Middle 37.  C Scale
19. Country Swing 38.

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Book: Recorder Kit 1
Powerpoint PDF: Recorder Kit 1 Projectables