Rhythm Instrument Fun

Themes & Variations


A collection of activities to get preschool - Grade 5 children playing, listening, creating, and reading music while using non-pitched percussion instruments. Songs are included to teach instrument rules and classroom management. Suggestions and reproducibles are included for assessment activities. Younger students will love the simple play-alongs, and older students will enjoy relative note value activities with instruments (or tennis balls) and stick rhythms. 

Resource Index

Let’s Get Started! 

  • Play and Stop 
  • Let’s Play Instruments 
  • Play and Play and Stop 
  • Ways to Play Instruments 
  • Instrument Rules 
  • Simon Says 
  • Beat and Name Chants 
  • Introducing Instrument Families 
  • How to Play Rhythm Instruments 

Play and Sing 

  • If You’re Happy 
  • Let Everyone Play Sticks 

Instrument Families 

  • Play, Play, Play Along 
  • Play Along K-3 
  • Sticks are Tapping


Listening Activities 

  • Who is Tapping? 
  • What am I Tapping On? 
  • What is in the Shakers? 
  • Guess the Instrument


Play Along 

  • Play Along with Bach 
  • Play Along with Handel 
  • Play Along with Mozart 
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Rhythm Band, Scarves


Relative Note Values

  • Relative Note Values-Large Notes
  • St. Anne's Reels
  • Surfin Rock
  • Ramsey St. Blues

Note Switch Activities

  • Piano Roll
  • Stick Notes

Stories - Add Sound Effects 

  • Mortimer 
  • Mmm Cookies
  • Rain Rain Story
  • Mr. Frog Story
  • Bell Horses Story

Create and Play

  • Copy What I'm Going to Play
  • Improvise and Copycat Game
  • Question and Answer
  • Hey! Hey! Rondo


  • Rhythm Instrument Matching
  • Name the Instrument
  • Which Instrument Did I Hear?
  • Instrument Family Matching


Materials Included

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Book: Rhythm Instrument Fun
Audio: Play, Play, Play Along
Audio: Play and Stop
Audio: Let's Play Instruments
Audio: Let Everyone Play Sticks
Audio: St Anne's Reel
Audio: Surfin' Rock
Audio: Rain, Rain
Projectable: Rhythm Instrument Fun