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Kerry Heisler has written a wonderful collection of warmups for young voices, Strictly Warmups.   This collection of vocal warm-ups was developed from a need identified in the author’s private teaching practice. It was first published as a book/CD titled, “Strictly Warm-ups”.  This is the digital version to use with computer/ projectors, IWB, or SMART Boards.

There are five different sets of warmups.  Each set includes a physical warm-up, breath awareness, and exercises to work on range, dipthongs, vowels, diction, and swing rhythms. The author suggests using each set for at least three rehearsals to allow vocalists to become fa­miliar with the warm-ups, and then move on to the next set. If you have rehearsal three times a week, this program will cover five weeks of rehearsals before repeating a set.

Now this collection is available in a projectable format with linked audio.  Each of the exercises is recorded by a female and male singer.  The singers model how to do the exercises, then drop out so your choir can sing with the piano accompaniment.

You can use this product with any computer/projector or interactive whiteboard.   It’s given in two different formats.  For teachers with any IWB or computer projector, we’ve included an interactive PDF file.  For teachers with a SMART Board, we’ve included the warmups in a SMART Notebook file.

If you are unsure how to use Smart Rhythms without a Smartboard, click here

Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
- SMART Notebook
In the download edition:
Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
- SMART Notebook

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Audio: Warm-Up Sample 1
Audio: Warm-Up Sample 2
Audio: Warm-Up Sample 3
Audio: Warm-Up Sample 4
Projectable: Smart Vocal Warm-Ups