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This is a fantastic musical about our favourite season!  Includes lyrics, script, performance/accompaniment tracks, and PDF to project. Use it as your holiday concert or just as a great collection for K-6.

There are songs ranging from easy to more challenging. Some songs could be used for the whole school, and some could be used to feature each grade level. Some songs would lend themselves to easy movement and choreography, while others could be simply sung. Some songs could feature students acting them out. If a song is featuring a particular grade, those students could wear appropriate costumes or use costume accessories and props as the song call for.

Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 6

Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
In the download edition:
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF

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Songs Include (Video Samples):

1.  In Our Yard 7.  Heaven's Winter
2. Swoosh! 8. Snow Angel (Single Song Kit)
3. The Snow Is Falling (Single Song Kit) 9. Snow Day (Single Song Kit)
4. My Car Won't Start (Single Song Kit) 10. Blizzard
5. Softly, Softly (Single Song Kit) 11. It's Wintertime (Single Song Kit)
6. Crunchy Snow 12. It's Snowtastic


Book: Snowtastic
Projectable: Snowtastic