So-me Storybook Series (12 Books with Audio)

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There are 12 stories in this charming series
The So-me series is written by Stuart Manins, a retired professor of Music Education from Auckland, New Zealand. His set of 12 sound stories and accompanying CD feature the character So-me, and his friends La-me, and La-so-me. These stories are charming, have really cute illustrations, and are full of musical teaching concepts. I used the concepts in the stories as the basis of my kindergarten music classes but they were equally loved by my students in Grade 1, 2 and 3. The stories will enhance both Orff and Kodaly based programs and help to teach many curriculum concepts.

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Materials Included

In the printed product:
- 12 Storybooks
- Audio MP3
- Storybook Videos

In the CD product: 
- Audio MP3
- Storybook Videos

The CD product is not for purchase. When you order the So-me Storybook series you will also receive a download edition of the CD's contents at no extra charge. You can use the download materials as a reference right away and will receive the print books in a few days.


Book: So-me Storybook




1. So-me Goes Missing
2. So-me and the Spider
3. So-me Meets the Boss
4. So-me... Oh and Romeo
5. So-me at the Pole
6. So-me in Space
7. So-me and the Dance
8. So-me and his Secret
9. So-me Goes to the Party
10. So-me and the Monster
11. So-me Finds 'Dough'
12. So-me and the Princess