Step Lively 2: Canadian Dance Favourites

Themes & Variations


Here's the second child in the Step Lively family by Marion Rose, a collection of old and new dances that are favourites of dancers in Canada.

Many of these dances are widely known across the country, but are rarely seen in collections. Each dance includes a short history, with tips for successful teaching and many include musical notation. Seven of the dances are suitable for primary grades, the rest are best done with intermediate grades, or adult or family groups.

The CD which accompanies the book contains 14 tunes skillfully arranged, impeccably recorded and irresistably danceable. All the tunes are either common in the Canadian fiddle repertoire or were written by Canadian musicians, including originals by Marian Rose, Daniel Thonon (of Ad Vielle Que Pourra), and Andy de Jarlais. In fact, Step Lively Two stands on its own as a great listening CD.

The recording was engineered by Juno- award-winning Paul Gitlitz, best known for his work with Charlotte Diamond, and features many of the same quality musicians as the first: Mike Schway (fiddle and diatonic accordion), Calvin Cairns (fiddle), Marian Rose (piano, accordion and vocals), Michael Hambrook (clarinet and sax), Ginny Snowe (bass), Dave Jonsson (drums), Paul Gitlitz (backup vocals) 

Resource Index

Prairie Wedding Dance

  • The Polka
  • Polka Mixer
  • The Butterfly
  • Schottische
  • Heel Toe Away We Go
  • French Minuet


  • La Bastringue
  • Les Saluts
  • La Plongeuse de I'Ouest
  • The Duck Dance
  • Ree du Castor (Beaver Reel)
  • Brandy
  • Rump Bump #3
  • Long Potato
  • Canadian Barn Dance
  • Maple Leaf Stomp
  • Do Si Do Reel

Creations, Variations & Local Favourites

  • Traffic Jam
  • John Kanakanaka
  • Coke the Floor
  • Czernobily
  • Sashay for you Life
  • Kootenay Wobbler
  • Joys of Port McNeill
  • Spring in Duncan
  • Ruth in the Willow Tree
  • Grandmother's Cabinet
  • Pride and Joy Polka
  • My Bonnie
  • Fifty-Fifty Waltz

"The teachers were delighted to hear that you will be doing a new book and CD as they have learned the old one completely."
-- Carolyn Hatch, fiddle teacher --

"It's attractive, easy to use, has clear and simple directions, and the tunes are well-transcribed. It fills a great need!"
-- Anne Lederman, fiddler and ethnomusicologist --

"Step Lively 2 is a great collection of Canadian dances with irresistable music by Marian and her talented team. I can't wait to start using it."
-- Sanna Longden, folk dance specialist --