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This is a unison choral arrangement of Welcome to Our Show, by Craig Cassils. This song is from the Celebrate Around the World Collection.

Single song kits are great value for the teachers. With your purchase, you get the reproducible rights which makes it much more affordable than purchasing octavos for your choir. All single songs kits are downloads only.

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  • piano/vocal score
  • performance and accompaniment MP3s
  • a reproducible vocal score
  • a projectable for your computer/projector

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Welcome to our show! 
Welcome to our show!
Welcome to our show!
Hello to our moms and dads
and sisters and brothers,
Our neighbours and friends
and any others. Welcome to our show!

We hope there's someone up here you know!
We'll have a good time while we're together,
And don't you worry about the weather.
We'll have a good time while we're in this place;
We'll put a smile upon each face.

We want to welcome you to our show. 
We're all dressed up from head to toe. 
And we are ready to do the show.
And we'll go on and on until you shout, "Let's go! Let's go!"

Hello to you, everyone, our audience right here. 
Sit back, relax, and lend us your ear.
We'll say when it's time to go
For now all you need to know
All you need to know,
Is welcome to our show!


Audio: Welcome to Our Show
Book: Welcome to Our Show