Which Rhythm Do You Hear?

Themes & Variations

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Which Rhythm Do You Hear is a great resource for teaching and assessing rhythm reading and writing for students from K - Gr. 5. There are twelve levels available so that you can tailor this activity to each class. Each level focuses on one type of rhythm. As the students become familiar with the basic rhythms by using the projectable and assessment worksheets, they will progress to dotted, syncopated, and triplet rhythms. The activities included will give you many opportunities to assess your students’ ability to feel the pulse, read rhythms and subdivide, and notate rhythms. Included are projectable PPTs for every level, projectable Assessment PPTs, and assessment worksheets.

Resource Index

  • Level 1 - Quarter Eighth
  • Level 2 - Quarter Rest Added
  • Level 3 - Half Whole
  • Level 4 - Ties Half Whole
  • Level 5 - Three-Four Time
  • Level 6 - Sixteenth 
  • Level 7 - Eighth, Sixteenth
  • Level 8 - Syncopated
  • Level 9 - Dotted Quarter, Eighth
  • Level 10 - Syncopated Eighth Rest
  • Level 11 - Dotted Eighth, Sixteenth
  • Level 12 - Triplets

Materials Included

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- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF
- Powerpoints
- Worksheets

Download Edition - $30
- Digital Book PDF
- Powerpoints
- Worksheets

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