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Themes & Variations


The teachers at General Wolfe Elementary School, Vancouver not only wanted to do a Christmas Concert presentation that fit well with the upper intermediate Social Studies curriculum but one that was short and manageable. Ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China shared common winter solstice characteristics – ones that are still around today.

CAST OF CHARACTERS The cast is made up of seven characters and as many students as teachers want. The choir costumes were regular student clothes. Students can be dressed in normal student attire.

THE SET The set can be anything from a big sign that says CK NEWS and a drawing of the school (the school name can be changed). 

THE PLOT Some people have misconceptions about why the days are shorter or longer during the year. With a special edition of CK News (COOL KIDS NEWS), students at Little Mountain School discuss the BIG QUESTIONS and realize that the winter solstice has been the most celebrated time of the year throughout history!

THE STAGING The 10 minute mini-play can be staged very easily with students singing on risers off to the side stage right or left and a desk for Darin Darknight and Doris Shadow off to the opposite side so that the classroom acting can be center stage.

Materials Included

  • Digital Book PDF
  • Vocal and accompaniment tracks for each song 

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