Musicplay Kindergarten Digital Resources

Themes and Variations


What’s included: 

  • Musical notation of each song for the teacher’s use
  • Song lyrics with colorful illustrations - great for shared reading!
  • One slide lyrics: All the lyrics for each song are given on one slide for times that the teacher doesn’t want to click through a PowerPoint. This slide in the notebook file will have the audio included.
  • Color-coded Boomwhacker® melodies for simple reading and scale songs
  • Slides to teach students to read rhythms, and simple so-mi melodies
  • Orff arrangements
  • PDF files of all the PowerPoints
  • Searchable Excel index
  • Kids demo videos of some of the singing games and Christmas songs
  • Links to excellent websites
  • If teachers have a Smartboard in their classroom, they can use all the interactivity of the board when using the Smart Notebook files.

Every musical selection that is in Musicplay for Kindergarten is given in 3 formats.
1. PowerPoint with audio 
2. Videos of the song lyrics
3. Smartboard Files (audio is inserted into the one slide lyrics)


Powerpoint: Hey Hey Look at Me
Powerpoint/PDF: Hey Hey Look at Me
Notebook Sample: Put Your Finger On Your Lip

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