Musicplay Kindergarten Digital Resources

Themes & Variations


What’s Included

  • Song PowerPoints
  • PDF of PowerPoints
  • Lyric, Notation and Note Highlight Videos
  • Teacher and/or Kids Demos of many songs
  • Vocal and Accompaniment mp3s
  • Searchable Excel Index

Each Song PowerPoint Includes

  • Musical Notation
  • Song lyrics with colorful illustrations - great for shared reading!
  • One-slide lyrics: All the lyrics for each son are given on one slide for times that the teacher doesn't want to click through a PowerPoint.
  • Color-coded Boomwhacker melodies for simple reading and scale songs.
  • Slides that teach students melody, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, form, and expression.
  • Orff arrangement or Bordun suggestions for many songs.
  • Links to related websites for many songs.

Everything in the Digital Resources can also be found on MusicplayOnline.


Powerpoint: Hey Hey Look at Me
Powerpoint/PDF: Hey Hey Look at Me
Notebook Sample: Put Your Finger On Your Lip

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